What We Offer

How it works

We offer private lessons for drivers with their own horse or with school horses*. We keep singles, pairs, tandem and 4-in-hand horses available with suitable harness and carriages. No matter what discipline you choose, we can accommodate your training in your chosen direction. 

*school horses are an additional charge. See fee schedule below.

Driving lessons and scheduling

Lessons are by the hour and need to be scheduled. Remember that during the season, we travel with the Wells Fargo Stagecoach most weekends. We are almost always available during the week (Monday-Thursday) and most often on Sunday afternoon.  

Package 2-day deals

Our package deals are a good way to go. You arrive on day one, take a lesson, have some homework assigned and then on day two, the lesson will cover testing the old work and offering some new skills to master. We have training aids such as rein boards, mock up hitch practice and bit displays to help you master some of the skills without having to worry about the horse and carriage. This makes for very productive use of your lesson time with the horse. Our outdoor arena is 40 meters x 80 meters and we have miles of dirt and crushed rock roads with little to no traffic as well as a paved road with moderate traffic.   

Horse training

If you have a horse in training with us you are always welcome to schedule to be here during the horse’s workout to take part in his training. If you choose to train your own horse, you can schedule weekly lessons and proceed with the work assigned. We will guide you through the training process and help you determine when the horse is ready for the next skill. You can always schedule lessons on school horses while your horse is in training. Our biggest fear is that we send a college graduate horse home to live with a high school dropout driver. LOL What we mean is, the horse will know what to do, but you must know how to ask for it.  

Trainings we offer

We want to emphasize that we offer instruction in several areas. Below are listed a few: 

  • Learning to drive: singles, pairs, tandems and 4-in-hand. 
  • Starting a green horse. 
  • Starting a horse that is broke to ride. 
  • Practical and proper harnessing. 
  • Safe hitching for singles, pairs and multiple hitches. 
  • Selecting suitable harness and vehicles. 
  • Performance enhancement for the showring, dressage arena, cones course or draft teamwork. 
  • Achenbach reinsmanship, British Coachman’s style, western rein methods and marathon rein holds. 
  • The whip: it’s effective use and customs.   

Fee schedule

Single Horse Ground Work or Rein Board:

Work in hand, at the rein board or single horse with one instructor $50.00/hour.


Instruction $50.00/hour

If learning tandem, pair, unicorn, or 4-in-hand, you must provide a groom/handler for every pair (two) horses. You can bring your own experienced horseperson or hire one of ours at a rate of $30.00/hour.

Overnight Package:

Six hours of private instruction divided into one to two hour segments over a two day time period. Price includes hook up for your RV or use of our RV (sleeps 4) with full kitchen and bathroom.  $350.00  

Additional days at the regular rates for your hitch.  

Horses for single or multiple hitch are always available at $20.00/hour.

Off-Site Instruction

Off site instruction is available for single or multiple horses (your horses only) at the above rates, and will include a small travel fee based on mileage.  


Clinics are conducted on-site or at various venues around the country and western Canada. The fee for clinics varies with the subject matter and travel and lodging costs, but is normally in the $200.00 range. Auditing is always welcomed.